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The Future of Men's Underwear

Premium Underwear for Men with an ​Active Lifestyle

Distinctive Features

- Four pouch sizes for perfect support
• Classic for average size men
• Signature for well-endowed men
- Signature includes a condom holder
- Custom multi-purpose single layer fabric

Fabric Attributes

- Naturally anti-microbial
- Thermo regulating to stay cool
- Wicking to stay dry
- Ideal for sensitive skin
- Durable nylon on outside
- Smooth bamboo on inside

Mångata Perks

- Manufactured in the USA
- Free shipping in the USA
- 90 day money back guarantee


Our American-made men's underwear combines our custom fabric, enhanced designs, and innovative features to deliver superior durability, comfort, and style. Click the link to learn more about the Mångata brand.