1% + 1%




Mångata Lifestyle is donating 1% of all revenue to non-profits connected with 1% FOR THE PLANET. They are connected with over 3,000 non-profits committed to saving the planet.




Mångata Lifestyle is also donating another 1% of all revenue to non-profits committed to helping US military veterans. There are currently over 500 non-profits committed to helping US military veterans.




Since industrial businesses do most of the planet's destruction, they should also be the ones responsible for funding most of the non-profits trying to reverse the damage. That is why Mångata Lifestyle has adopted an uncommon approach to philanthropy by donating 2% of its revenue to registered non-profit organizations. Unlike the common practice of donating a small percentage of profits, we believe in prioritizing the non-profits by ensuring they receive their funding upfront. By donating based on revenue, we ensure that non-profits are supported regardless of our profitability. This commitment to donating a portion of revenue sets Mångata apart as a business that emphasizes the importance of consistent and substantial funding for non-profit initiatives, even in a down economy.

According to available data, the average large corporation donates just under 1% of its profits, while the average small business donates 6% of its profits. Considering the average U.S. profit margin of 10%, Mångata Lifestyle's donation of 2% of revenue is equivalent to 20 times the average contribution of large corporations and three times that of small businesses. While this is a solid starting point, our goal is to continually improve and exceed these benchmarks over time. This commitment aligns with my, “everybody wins philosophies for a better planet”."


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