Sizing Chart


28" - 30" = Small
31" - 33" = Medium
34" - 36" = Large
38" - 40" = X-Large

Men’s privates come in all different shapes and sizes, yet all underwear pouches follow a generic one-size-fits-all approach. Consequently, this approach imposes substantial limitations on both comfort and appearance. To address these issues, I’ve developed Mångata, a revolutionary solution to offer a more tailored fit. With Mångata, you can enjoy optimal support and a refined appearance matched specifically to your privates.

The underwear is designed for an active lifestyle, with a secure fit that effectively minimizes movement and friction to your private parts.


Mångata classic line features a standard size pouch.

Mångata signature line is designed specifically for well-endowed men.

If you need assistance in choosing the right pouch size, you can refer to the following two sections. The first chart is specifically designed for measuring while erect, whereas the second chart is for measuring while flaccid. Additionally, the fabric exhibits remarkable flexibility, meaning that if you find yourself on the borderline, either size is highly likely to provide you with a comfortable fit.

Pouch sizes for measuring erect:
Standard = 5"- 5.9" erect length, 4.3"- 4.9" girth and average testicles.
Large = 6"- 7.1" erect length, 5.0"- 5.6" girth or above average testicles.
X-Large = 7.2"- 8.4" erect length, 5.7"- 6.3" girth or large testicles.
XX-Large = 8.5"+ erect length, 6.4"+ girth or very large testicles.

Pouch sizes for measuring flaccid:
Standard = 3.0"- 3.8" flaccid length, 3.4"- 4.0" girth and average testicles.
Large = 3.9"- 4.9" flaccid length, 4.1"- 4.7" girth or above average testicles.
X-Large = 5"- 6.1" flaccid length, 4.8"- 5.4" girth or large testicles.
XX-Large = 6.2"+ flaccid length, 5.5"+ girth or very large testicles.


How to measure:
Penis length is measured from the pelvic bone to the tip. Ruler pressed to the bone directly over penis standing up with a 90-degree erection. Girth is based on circumference using a measuring tape at the widest point of the shaft, typically the middle. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can use a non-elastic string and then measure it with the ruler.

Although the chart is not an exact science, I can assure you I've spent more days doing penis and testicle size research than I would like to admit. This research was essential in creating molds that were subsequently used to design the four pouch sizes.

Clothing tags names:
The signature front pouches are named after popular animals from the cervidae family. These remarkable animals are indigenous to North America, recognized for their impressive racks but are distinctly different in body size.


Large pouch = Mule Deer, the largest deer in North America.
X-Large pouch = Elk
XX-Large pouch = Moose